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Dental Care – Ayurveda Concept

Clean and shining teeth, healthy gums and pleasant breath all contribute to a beautiful smile. Ayurveda believes in the three doshas vaata, pitta and kapha, the mouth is the seat of the kapha dosha. Here, care must be taken not to vitiate the kapha dosha. Problems with the kapha dosha lead to several dental problems. Many methods are known to Ayurveda to maintain healthy teeth.

Causes of Dental Problems

· Blocking of food particles

· Excessive tartar formation, bad breath, inflammation and ulceration of gums, bleeding from gums

· Toothache due following reasons:

· Dental cavities / decay, consumption of soft drinks, refined carbohydrates, and sugar. Use of too cold or too hot foods / drinks, use of tobacco, khaini, gutka, betal. Smoking, pricking of toothpicks or other such models to remove trapped food particles within tooth-gaps. Trauma, Accident / Fracture of Jaw-bone, lack of dental hygiene / care.

General Dental Care

· Brush at least twice a day; Vitamin C prevents decay and loosing of the teeth, dental caries, toothache, and bleeding of the gums. Strawberries, tomatoes and amalaki contain good vitamin C content; these can be directly applied on the teeth. Vitamin C helps in removing the plaque on the teeth and makes them whiter Green vegetables; fruits like oranges, lemon, and grapes pomegranates should be included in diet and drink lots of water. It is vital to restrict one’s sugar intake, and to make sure that the diet includes plenty of raw vegetables and whole-wheat bread.

· Use of til, cinnamon and clove oil helps to prevent toothache, sore throat and bad breath. Rinsing mouth with mint leaves or chewing parsley leaves can improve the quality of teeth. A clove of garlic with rock salt will heal the pain. It will also make teeth strong and fit.

· A paste of the bark of bay berry prepared with vinegar helps in the strengthening of gums. Useful Herbs for Whitening of Teeth are Babul, Banyan, Holy Basil, Margosa; neem twigs of these can be used. Mixture of salt with finely powdered rind of lime helps preventing yellowing of teeth.

Source by Dr Rajesh Nair

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