By Dr. Lama Ghantous, Dentist

When the photographer shouts “SMILE”, you want to show your shiny pearly whites with confidence.

Most brides and grooms are concerned with how their teeth will photograph on their wedding day. This worry can easily be alleviated with a quick visit to your dentist. There is enough to stress about while planning your special day, your smile should not be one of the stress factors.

Some of the most common issues dentists have to deal with are: discolored, cracked, misaligned, chipped and stained teeth. Thankfully there is an array of solutions that can assure a near perfect smile on your big day.

Here are a few tips that any dentist would love to tell you the minute you get engaged.

1- Book a consultation early.

While a chipped tooth may be fixed in one appointment, other treatments such as veneer s and straightening misaligned teeth may require a few months to a year for completion.

2- Get a professional cleaning.

A hygiene cleaning appointment is one of the most important dental visits. No matter what restorative treatment you may require, it should be done on cleaned and “disinfected” teeth. Keep in mind that most dental problems are due to neglected hygiene.
Regular dental hygiene appointments should be on everyone’s to do list. After completing your cleaning appointment remember to maintain good oral hygiene at home with proper brushing and flossing techniques.

3- Consider whitening.

Ask your dental team about whitening procedures. There are a variety of different whitening products including both take home or in office options. Find out which one is right for you.

4- Follow a stain free diet.

Munching on crunchy snacks like apples or celery can be as effective as a good brushing. Raw fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber, a natural abrasive that can help clean teeth. Avoid any foods that are dark and sticky. Also, avoid foods that can leave stains easily such as red wine, coffee, barbecue sauce, mustard and balsamic vinegar. Giving up caffeine may be difficult. If you cannot cut out your coffee or tea completely, try sipping through a straw to avoid direct contact with your teeth. This approach can help prevent staining.

5- Consider quick fixes

Try these tips on your Wedding Day to help create the illusion that you have perfect teeth. Stay away from gold jewelry; this tends to bring out yellowish tones. Pick simple sparkly earrings as they can make your teeth appear whiter. A true red lipstick shows off your pearly whites the best. Rose, pink, and sheer colors also offer a good contrast. If you have any minor defect in your smile (such as a stain or crack), wipe a small dab of petroleum jelly over it, this will help diffuse the aberration in your photos.

6- Treat bad breath.

This is a problem that we are usually unaware of until our loved ones point it out. Regular dental hygiene appointments and properly restored teeth can easily resolve this issue.

After months of planning and preparation, when your day finally arrives, you will be smiling with confidence because you took the time to see your dentist and dental hygienist. With their help you’ll look as beautiful as you’ve always imagined. Say Cheese!


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